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Twitter Wedding Blog Hop

Being a wedding photographer, how could I resist today’s Twitter Blog Hop – the theme is WEDDINGS!!!! First off, I have to apologize for the quality of my scans. Yes, my wedding was shot on film. Come on, I got married in 2004. Digital was still new…. and I have a TON of medium format film that still really needs to be scanned professionally. There’s a LOT lost, quality-wise, when you scan an actual print (these are old scans from my album), so they are not the best. Sorry!

Adrian and I got married on July 4, 2004 at the gorgeous Heron Bay Marriott in Coral Springs, FL. Much like every other summer day in Florida, it rained. 🙂 That’s supposed to be good luck, though! 🙂

I had four girls in my wedding party, and Adrian had three guys. Our main colors were shades of purple and silver. My flowers were incredible!!! People still talk about my flowers, and I’ve been married for nearly six years. I absolutely love how my Florist matched the colors of my draping and lighting perfectly with the flowers. There were soooo many flowers! Everything really flowed together and looked so beautiful and elegant. They did a great job and I would not change a thing about how my decor looked. My bouquet was absolutely gorgeous, put together perfectly and the size was exactly what I asked for – not too big or too small. It was just right for my hands.

I loved my wedding dress. I felt like a princess and looked like one too! My dress was not one I would have normally tried on, but the sales girl insisted and it was actually the first dress I tried. I ended up loving it, and after trying out a couple more dresses, I went back to my dress and decided that was the one! Adrian looked amazing in his tuxedo! He picked a longer, more formal jacket which was a fantastic style on him and looked great. The subtle pattern on his vest was a great accent. I had my makeup done professionally by a MAC Makeup artist and it stayed on for two days straight. 🙂 It was flawless and did not smudge a bit even.

karen and adrian's wedding

My ceremony went by so quickly! It was about half an hour but I felt like it only took five minutes. I don’t remember too much! I do remember thinking about how much I was concentrating on not getting any of the ceremonial wine on my beautiful white dress! Haha! By the time we were done, my feet were hurting pretty badly. My wonderful new husband gave me a little foot massage after everyone left the room, before we took our photos. We were very happy to finally be married!

karen and adrian's wedding

We had a great reception. Our band, Manhattan Music, sounded INCREDIBLE and played all of my very favorite songs! We had so much fun dancing with our friends. The rum cake with buttercream frosting that we chose as our wedding cake was delicious and the wait staff at the venue made sure I had my favorite drink (at the time, I loved White Russians) available at all times. Since we were married on July 4th, the band even sang the Star Spangled Banner in commemoration of our country’s independence, which will always be a great memory.

karen and adrian's wedding

The next day we got together with our friends and family at my parents’ house for a brunch, and Adrian and I headed off on our honeymoon — a cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas visiting the Western Caribbean! My dad took this photo of us getting into the limo that drove us to the cruise terminal! We were so excited – it was our first (of many) cruises together. 🙂

the limo is here!

Wedding Photos by John V. Caspanello, Jr.
Floral Design by Flowers by Tony
Music by Manhattan Music
Cake by Ferraro’s (no longer in business)
Venue Location: Heron Bay Marriott

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