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Thursday Treats!

I’m doing another Thursday Treats this week… I have some fun things hanging out in my web browser so I wanted to share them with you all!

+ First off… I was a GUEST BLOGGER yesterday over at The Winey Mommy, a fun blog by Chelle, who loves wine, photographer, and her girls! I wrote about some tips I use beat the summer heat with my little boy… You can click here to read my post! This was my second time guest posting on someone else’s blog and it was a lot of fun! I look forward to sharing some guest posts from other bloggers here sometime soon, too!

+ I was also recommended over at Megan’s blog, Meg’s a Mommy, where she discussed Moms without a Twitter Account. If you are a mom who doesn’t use twitter, definitely check out Meg’s post and be sure to follow all the awesome moms she recommended!


Now for something sweet….

Single Serving Pies in a Jar – how cute is this?! I love pie, but I’ve never tried to make my own before – it always looked too intimidating. this actually looks fairly easy and fun, too. I think I’ll bookmark this one for the autumn season – it’d be so neat to try making an apple, pumpkin or sweet potato pie in a jar and capture that delicious, wonderful fall feeling that I love so much (it’s my fav season if you hadn’t figured it out yet)!
Rhubarb Cardamom Lime Muffins – guess what, I actually made these last June, and they were spectacular. I was scared to make them because I had totally botched a box of cupcake mix the week before and if I could screw up box cupcake mix, then how could I expect myself to bake something that just LOOKED this complicated?! In actuality the directions were very easy and the muffins came out incredible. I even used some lower fat ingredients so they weren’t too unhealthy, either. I’d love to find some time to make these again this summer, if I can find rhubarb in the store.


Found online…

+ I came across this blog entry on twitter and really related to it. I have a whopping 15+ years worth of personal data (some of it, very personal!) on this here computer, and I haven’t yet decided how to catalog it for my generations to come… there’s things I probably should delete and things I could be organizing better. Better yet, where will I even find the time to do all of this?? Maybe when I’m retired and have 50 years of data instead of just fifteen! Ugh. Definitely thought provoking, though.

+ Definitely not having another child yet for a while, but when I do, I want this dual stroller system. It is made by Britax and is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen, hands down. AND IT FOLDS UP. Sooo awesome.

+ Don’t forget to enter my contest with Pear Tree Greetings for free address labels! Click here.

+ Vampires are awesome. Did you know that the next in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, comes out on June 30th? Not that I’ve been counting down the days or anything… yeah. And True Blood, my favorite show, started up again last week! It’s werewolf time and I just can’t wait to see the awesome Joe Manganiello play Alcide, the were sent to protect Sookie. If you click that link you’ll see some pretty awesome photos of Joe. Nice!


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