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Our trip to San Diego!

Last week we took our first trip with the baby on an airplane to go to our cousins Stephanie & Scot’s wedding. You can see the pictures from their wedding on my photography blog here.

We had a great time in San Diego, California! Zachary did wonderful on the plane and slept most of the way there and most of the way back. When he was awake, he was easily entertained by me and Adrian and his toys and stuffed dachshund.

While in California, Zachary got to meet his extended family and cousins. He also met my good friend Hillary’s little girl, Lilly, and they really got along great and hit it off wonderfully. I am so sad that Hillary and I don’t live closer, she is a wonderful friend and Lilly & Zachary are so cute together. We made sure to take some photos for their wedding video of course. 😉

Adrian, Zachary, and I also had our family portraits done by Hillary (who is a photographer out in San Diego) and in return, I took her family’s portraits too. It was so much fun!

Here are some highlights from our trip:

L & Z
Zachary and Lilly play together
Summer & Baby K
Cousin Summer & her baby Kali
Me and my baby boy
Me & Zachary laughing together
Baby J
Our baby cousin, Julia
Cousins hugging - babies K &Z
Zachary and his Cousin Kali meet & hug each other
Cousins hugging - babies K &Z
Zachary and his Cousin Kali meet & hug each other

Check out those gorgeous blue eyes that little Kali has – they are the same exact shade of blue as Zachary’s! Even though they’re 2nd cousins (Kali’s dad Ray is Adrian’s 1st cousin), they somehow ended up with some of the same DNA code that said to make their eyes that exact shade. It was interesting to me because you know your own child so well, right down to the shade of their eye color, and when I saw Kali, it startled me for a moment because it is exactly the same shade of blue as Zachary’s. Pretty amazing indeed! I think baby Julia will have a similar color to her eyes, but since she’s just a tiny little one, at 3 months old, it’s hard to tell.

Cousin Sean
Sean was the ringbearer at my & Adrian's wedding. Now our cousin is a young man in high school!
Scot juggles fire
Scot brought his fire sticks to juggle for everyone at the La Mesa house the day after the wedding. What a treat!

Unfortunately I didn’t really get a chance to do any exploring on this trip and take any scenic photos for my personal portfolio. However, I did take this picture of a dog outside of Cafe Joie at Mission Beach which I really like. The dog was very cute and curious and hung out with me and Adrian as we ate our yummy meal and drank coffee.

san diego dog

And finally, here is one from the family session I did for my friend Hillary:

Gardner Family

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