7 lucky steps :)

Today, I came home from one of the best engagement sessions I’ve had this year at John Lloyd Park, and after traipsing around in the tropical jungle of Dania Beach for a few hours, I was looking forward to hugging my little guy when I got home. I was exhausted and wanted to relax, and Adrian and I both decided to take a few minutes to play together with our sweet little boy who had just come home from being babysat at his grandma & grandpa’s house. It has seemed for the past 2 months that he’s really been wanting to walk, and today was the day he picked to make it happen!!

Adrian and I sat on the floor and passed him between us getting him to take a step or two. We kept backing up further so he’d take more steps and finally I said to Zachary, “Walk to Daddy!!” and he walked to Adrian, who kept walking backwards to give Zachary more room as he smiled and held his arms open wide for Zachary to walk right into! Zachary took SEVEN STEPS across the room, all by himself, about six feet across the room, and Adrian and I could not be more thrilled!!!

Of course, this means a lot more baby proofing needs to happen now… need to keep things more tidy and straightened up since our little munchkin is going to be running around the house pretty soon wanting to investigate and explore everything that is left out and not put away. He is a curious little kid indeed. We are very excited though and can’t wait for more walking to happen so that we can capture it in photos or on video.

To make this post complete with a photo, here is one of the images that my wonderful friend Hillary made while we had our family session in San Diego:

Zachary - by Stills by Hill

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  1. i love that photo of zachary. the processing and his cute little shirt – omg!

    congrats on his first steps! such a big boy now.

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