11 months old

I can’t believe that Zachary is 11 months old! He is such a little boy now, and so much less a “baby” every day (though he will still be my baby forever, of course). He is so cute and gets more and more adorable every single day.

He is growing up and can do so many things. We just got back from our first trip across the country to San Diego and Zachary did wonderfully on his first plane flight. He was so well behaved and slept and played the entire way. He is very close to walking and I expect he’ll take his first steps before his first birthday, or soon afterward at least. He waves at anyone and anything! It’s sooo adorable!

He is also saying more words. He can say mama, dada, Maya (muh), dog (dawh), banana (nana), and I think a few more unidentified ones, but he likes saying mama, dada, and Maya the best. He points to things he likes and wants (and has definite opinions about what he wants already!!) and has already started learning to feed himself with a spoon and fork (messy, but cute). He loves music and enjoys being sang to. He likes animal noises too and thinks they’re really funny – the sound of him cracking up with laughter is the best sound in the universe. 🙂

He is a very, very smart boy, and we are amazed every day by the new things he learns. He is such a sweet boy, too. It’s incredible that nearly a year has passed since he came into our lives. It’s hard to imagine a time without him.

Here is a peek at one of the photos from a photo session I did with Zachary at a Pumpkin Patch in Delray Beach. You can click here to view the rest on my photography blog. There are lots more photos there, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

Z at the Pumpkin Patch

How cute is my little boy?? 🙂

2 thoughts on “11 months old

  1. Karen you are so incredibly fortunate and blessed to have such a beautiful son. It’s awesome to know that you are able to capture these moments with the talent that both you and your man share for photography.

    Time passes so quickly and it’s important to share the moment and give thanks for this gift of life. I am sure he will love these pictures when he grows up.

    God bless.


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