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happy first halloween!

happy halloween from the cutest Star Trek Science Officer ever!!

Zachary's First Halloween

We went to my parents house to trick or treat. it was fun taking our little boy trick or treating for the first time! everyone loved his Star Trek costume and thought he was sooo cute! He was adorable the way he walked to the houses holding on to my and Adrian’s hands. We went to about 4 houses before we all decided it was time for some air conditioning. 🙂 Zachary was ready for a nice drink of cold milk and some cuddles. he did great and can’t wait for next year!!

Z & Mommy on Halloween

Z & Daddy on Halloween

2 thoughts on “happy first halloween!

  1. he is sooo cute! omg!

    i can’t imagine having to use a/c on halloween! it was about 40* here and it wasn’t RAINING – so it was what chicagoan’s considered a “nice” halloween. i can remember years as a kid where there was snow on the ground! it ruins your costume when you have to put on a coat. 🙁

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