I love my cuddly.

I did not realize how much teething sucked. I heard about it from my friends, but I didn’t realize how much stress it would put on both myself and my baby! Over the weekend, Zachary started acting a bit “stressed out.” Yesterday, his fussing continued with general bouts of crying and spitting up and restlessness. I figured that he had started teething since he couldn’t stop sucking on his hands, toys, and any washcloths I wiped his face with (due to the constant drool) so I had been giving him Tylenol for the pain which seemed to help – until it started again.

I gave in finally, and at about 7pm I called my mom to come and help me, which was great since Adrian and I were able to have some dinner while she cuddled and entertained the baby. We decided to take his temperature since he felt a little warm, and lo and behold he had a fever of about 100 degrees! I thought I had escaped the teething fever, but no… Zachary caught it, too. Fortunately we have his 4 month pediatrician appointment tomorrow anyway, so the doctor will be able to answer all of our questions then.

Well, fortunately this fever has not affected his nightly sleeping. He still sleeps 10 hours at night and is taking his naps, but he is still very restless. Yesterday morning, when Zachary was feeling cranky and didn’t want to be by himself in his crib, I took him into our bed to cuddle with him for a while. He quickly fell asleep, and I was able to nap for a bit, too. Adrian stumbled upon our cuteness and decided to get a few snaps with the camera. Here is one of the precious images that he captured. I’m glad I have this image so that I can remember moments like these someday in the future when he won’t want to be my cuddly baby anymore.

Sleeping Mommy & Baby

5 thoughts on “I love my cuddly.

  1. that is a really nice photo! definitely frameworthy! 😀

    i hope the teething gets better. it sucks for everybody! xoxo

  2. hey there karen,

    i love the photo. hyland’s teething tablets really helped with my boys; you can get them at nearly any drugstore. hang in there! and good luck.

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