Zachary at 4 months – musings about being a baby.

Today we had Zachary’s 4 month check up at the pediatrician! He is doing very well and weighed in this time at 19lb 2oz and measures 27 and 1/4 inches tall! He is going to be such a tall boy like his daddy!

The doctor was very pleased with the examination and noted how strong he is… our little guy has very good muscle tone. 🙂 We talked a little about the different milestones that Zachary should be hitting in the next few months and I am pretty excited to watch him develop. Adrian and I noted today that it is really amazing to be able to watch a little brain in motion, learning and developing new skills every single day. And it’s true – almost every day, Zachary surprises us with something different or interesting – even if it’s something as simple as reaching for his toy in a different (more efficient, maybe) way than before.

Because he hadn’t been feeling well the past few days we decided to pass on the shots. He will get up to date with his vaccinations at next month’s appointment. Fortunately his fever is gone now. He is still feeling very cranky though. He was pretty upset most of the afternoon and very difficult to console. What happened to my happy baby? Zachary and I do NOT like teething! I put a washcloth in the freezer for him to chew on but he wasn’t interested in it for very long unfortunately.

Zachary went to bed early tonight at around 8:15pm. Even though he’s usually up until about 9:30ish, I have to say I’m feeling relieved! When he doesn’t feel well, I feel very stressed out, and it was good to just know that he was finally sleeping soundly and happily. That’s one great thing about Zachary — ever since he was 2 months old, he has slept through the night very well and has always been a good night-sleeper and napper. Last night he slept about 12 hours — poor thing was probably exhausted from not feeling well. I hope he gets another good sleep in again tonight… at least for my sake, since it’s already almost 1:30am and I’m finally finding some time to finish up some work. *sigh*

Having him sick has really had me stressed out! I know I just said it a few lines up, but it’s unbelievable how much a sick child will take out of you. Especially the first day or so that he didn’t feel well, when he was spitting up and crying all the time. It is so upsetting to see your baby feel so terrible.

I told Adrian that even though I wish I could remember some things from when I was a baby, it’s probably better that we can’t remember those earliest days of our lives. Who would want to remember a time when you couldn’t tell anyone how you felt or what you needed or what was hurting you? I hate playing guessing games and being wrong when it comes to my baby’s feelings. Today I felt so bad because even though Zachary had been fed, changed, and I had given him lots of cuddles, he was still acting miserable. Adrian & I just could not figure out what it was that he wanted, and all 3 of us were very frustrated. Finally after a long while, Zachary began to rub his eyes, which I know is a signal that he’s tired, so I quickly got him ready for bed. Once I figured out how to make him happy, both of us felt much better. He smiled and giggled at me as I changed him for bed, and when I put him into his crib, he snuggled up in his blanket and quickly fell asleep.

Being a mommy is definitely challenging, but I think that so is being a baby, too. When all of us are feeling frustrated and upset because we don’t know what to do, I’m sure little Zachary just cries because he wishes he could talk and tell us what he’s feeling.

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