38/39 week baby update!

Tomorrow I’m officially 39 weeks pregnant, meaning there are 8 more days until my due date.

The baby is doing very well inside his mommy and has a nice, strong heartbeat.

I am FINALLY dilated… 1.5cm. Not too much, but it’s a sign that things are moving along and getting more real.

However, after talking to the doctor and midwife today, it looks like I will be needing a c-section. Quite possibly due to my height (only 5’1″), I am measuring big as if the baby was 41 weeks rather than 39. The midwife is almost completely sure the baby is bigger, over 8lb, and she is concerned that since he has not dropped into alignment yet and is still extremely high up, that he a) might be too big to align properly, or b) may not drop in time after my water breaks, meaning I’d end up with an unnecessarily long labor that would end in a section anyway.

Also because of the very extreme swelling I’m experiencing (scroll down a couple posts to see the pic of my horribly swollen feet), and the fact that my blood pressure has been a little elevated the last couple times, she said I may not be a good candidate for a natural birth.

So, tomorrow Adrian and I are heading back to the doctor for another ultrasound to check the baby’s weight and see how much fluid is left, and determine if (more likely, when) to schedule a c-section.

Aside from being a little scared (as anyone would be) at the prospect of having abdominal surgery, I am really fine with the idea of a c-section. My mom, as well as MANY of my friends, have had c-sections and they are all recovering just fine and their babies are doing great.  So while it would definitely be inconvenient with double the recovery time, all I really care about is that my baby comes out healthy and happy, whatever way that ends up being.

8 thoughts on “38/39 week baby update!

  1. boo and yay, you’re that much closer!

    luckily these days they do a horizontal incision at the bikini line, not the vertical belly button to pubic bone one my mom got in the 80’s!

  2. While it’s true that sometimes a bigger baby can make things more difficult, I’d like to point out that my dear friend Albreda had a natural birth (after induction) when she was 5’3 or so and E was hovering around 9 pounds. I’ve never had a child, though I plan to have several, but from what I’ve read a lot of docs push for c-sections because they’re easier for them. My friends who have had them have nearly universally regretted not at least trying to have a positive birthing experience. I can pass you along some more information on how to advocate for yourself at the hospital, if you’d like.

  3. As someone who had a looong labor and an 8-lb. baby, I know that if I’d delivered at a hospital with an OB, as opposed to at a birth center with a midwife, I’d’ve been pushed to go with a c-section. It was something I really wanted to avoid my first time, and I’m glad I did, and while my birth was hard the experience is something I’m grateful for every day. But this is really such a personal thing, and you need to do what you are comfortable with – whatever it is for you. Best of luck, Karen! 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you. No matter how you deliver it’s an incredible end to an incredible journey.

  4. Yay Karen.
    I’m glad things are going well and that you would be fine with a c. Ultimately you have to do what is right for just you and Adrian. I however was in a very similar situation as you – my baby only turned out to be 7lbs 7 oz. She didn’t drop because she never aligned into the right position and I had to deliver her in the sideways position but it is possible. Research has shown that it is very rare for you to grow a baby that is too big for your body and the US has a much higher c-sec rate than it should. But it is so difficult to see when one is really needed you know? I wish you the best though – I’m sure you guys will be happy and healthy no matter what way he comes into the world.

    I also vote for the Ergo carrier. I LOVE it. I tried the Hot Sling, Over the shoulder baby holder, and we have whatever the expensive baby bjorn is.. the Sporty one. But I still ended up getting the Ergo after seeing the good reviews and I’m really glad that I did.

  5. I really am fine with having a c-section. My mom suffered through a long labor that ended up putting both of us in distress, and by the time they said enough was enough, my mom had to be put out completely for the c-section and did not get to see or hold me until she woke up, which she felt really bad about. I think it would suck to get put in the same position and I fear that trying to do something that my body is not meant to do wouldn’t be a good thing for me or the baby.

    The doctors are also concerned about my swelling and blood pressure. Even though I don’t OFFICIALLY have pre-E, as there’s no protein in my urine, I am horribly, horribly, horribly swollen even past my knees (it is ridiculous) and my blood pressure has started rising over the past few weeks. I would rather let them schedule a c-section for me than have a problem and deal with it in an emergency.

    While under normal circumstances, I’m sure I would be fine pushing out an 8lb or even 9lb baby, I am just going to listen to whatever the doctor & midwife tell me to do because I don’t want to risk my or the baby’s health.

  6. I doubt Baby Z is too big, I think he’s just gonna be a typical late, first time baby and that’s why you aren’t super dilated and he’s still super high. I’m not one for size related c-sections for the most part, BUT….

    Pre-eclampsia is nothing to joke around with. You arne’t protein positive yet, but your feet look like you are. Pre-e can go from 0-60 before you’ve even gotten the chance to push, so it’s nothing to sniff at. If even the midwife is nervous about it, I’d heed that advice. Midwives don’t stand to gain anything by pushing c-sections.

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