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I won something!!!

It’s funny how all of a sudden, when you’re feeling like crap, life throws something awesome right in your face that’s completely unexpected!

Last week I visited Rita’s Water Ice with a friend and dropped my business card in the fish bowl. I am a big fan of Italian ices and figured I would put my name in for the contest. I’ve never won a “fish bowl” contest before but I always always drop a card in just in case.

Well, today my office phone rang and I picked up thinking it was probably another spammer trying to get me to use their credit card processing company, and I was very pleasantly surprised when the guy on the other end identified himself as being from Rita’s and told me that I won the contest. The price is a whole free quart size of Italian Ice!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!

I’m so excited!!! I’ve been feeling lousy the past couple days and this was just the thing to really cheer me up! YAY!

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