I’m going to be a mommy tomorrow!!!

Adrian and I are going in for a scheduled induction at 4:30am. We had the ultrasound this morning, and the baby is measuring pretty big (8lb, 9oz), so they’ve decided that it’s time to file an eviction notice!

Because my blood pressure has been elevated and I’m having such bad swelling in my legs, they don’t see any reason to prolong the pregnancy, since these are both signs of pre-ecclampsia, a dangerous condition that they don’t want me to experience.

The bags are all packed (yes, the camera bags too), and we’re ready to roll. Adrian and I are off to go straighten up the house a bit and then go get some sleep. It will be our last night of sleep as a family of two. Kind of surreal, but extremely exciting, too!!

I’m sure I will update the blog at some point tomorrow with a photo (the hospital has wi-fi, woohoo!) and will definitely be updating my twitter for sure, if you want to check that out for up to the minute breaking news. 🙂

11 thoughts on “I’m going to be a mommy tomorrow!!!

  1. congratulations, karen! this is so exciting! you should try to do something extra nice for yourself tonight since it might be your last chance to pamper yourself for awhile 😉

  2. happy birthday tomorrow to baby z! i got induced at the same time and didn’t meet lily until 11:53pm so almost the next day. Sorry I keep commenting on all your posts 😛

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