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14 Weeks

Today I got a bunch of new dresses and jackets in the mail, as my mom got me a lovely gift from the Motherhood Maternity store! Of course, I tried everything on as soon as it arrived and totally fell in love with this adorable new maroon dress that has a crochet appliqué, and this soft, comfy black cardigan with a rhinestone trim.

Adrian took some photos of me on his iPhone because I apparently looked cute. Hehe. I think it’s amazing and awesome how much I’ve “popped out” in just the past few weeks. And in just six more weeks, I will already be half over with the pregnancy. It’s crazy how time flies!

14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

4 thoughts on “14 Weeks

  1. Oh my god! I can’t believe how much you are showing already. I LOVE that dress! And that cardigan is so cute with it. I would have taken pics of you with my iPhone, too! LOL

  2. you are showing a lot for 14 wks! Now I can’t wait for the boy or girl post 🙂 Also, I’m still figuring out our order for our newborn photos… I know that our gallery is supposed to expire soon. Is there any way we could get a little more time? We’re going on a trip in mid June and I’m hoping to have figured it out by then.

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