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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

I realize I’m about a week late in posting this, but again, catching up from my crazy week of being sick. Adrian, Zachary, William, and I were very excited to watch the new teaser trailer for the 7th episode in the Star Wars movies, THE FORCE AWAKENS. The teaser trailer is only a minute and thirty seconds, but gives us another fun look into the familiar Star Wars World and excites us for all that is to come next year when the movie is released in December 2015 – just a few days before Zachary’s 7th birthday!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is! I suggest clicking on “Watch in HD” and enjoying it full-screen on your computer!

Zachary was so excited about the trailer that he had to immediately create some fan art of one of the new Sith baddies wielding this crazy new cross-style lightsaber!! Adrian and I are so proud of the amazing painting that Zachary made! He really enjoys making his own fan art. We are looking forward to him developing this hobby.

Watched the #StarWars trailer with my 6 year old yesterday & he immediately painted his first #TheForceAwakens #fanart! Love!!! #kids #art #creative #StarWarsVII #StarWars7 #lightsaber #geek #geekykids

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