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So it’s December

It’s like I blinked and now it’s December.


Wasn’t it yesterday that I wrote my Fall Bucket List?

Didn’t I just help the boys pick out their Halloween costumes?

Wasn’t I just planning Zachary’s birthday party and waiting for his tooth to fall out?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess all of that happened. I feel like I slept through most of November and the entire first week of December, and just woke up and realized that things are going too fast. When am I gonna get everything done? I was supposed to lose 5 more pounds this week. I was supposed to clean up my office. I was supposed to finish re-reading Dragonfly in Amber already. I was supposed to finally finish crocheting that scarf. I was supposed to… supposed to… supposed to…

Happy Monday.

Today is the first day in two weeks that I’ve had the house to myself. Between two sick kids and a very sick me, it’s been a very, very long two weeks. This morning after dropping William off at school, I went to the chiropractor for an hour-long massage, which was very much needed and felt great. I came home and began to work. I only have one session to finish editing before winter break, and I’m going to have it done this week, along with all other photo-related work.

Last night I started to feel a little sad because the season seems to have passed by very quickly. Fall is my favorite season, and for most of it, I was sick or hurt, caring for sick kids, or feeling overwhelmed with my work. I realize this is probably a very common feeling for many people (especially when you have young children and/or have your own business) but it makes me sad because this time of year only comes… once a year. There were several things that I put on my “Fall Bucket List” that I never did and probably won’t get a chance to do this year.

I totally realize that I am whining a little bit about a first-class #firstworldproblem but it just brings attention to the fact that life is short and time passes much faster than you can begin to imagine.

Zachary is getting older and starting to be interested in so many new things. He has decided (ever since my husband, Adrian, had foot surgery earlier this spring) that he wants to be a surgeon, and has been asking more & more¬†questions about surgery and the human body. William is hitting the “2.5 year old” mark next week. His vocabulary has doubled in the past two weeks and we are now very close to being a no-diaper household. I feel happy and excited, and definitely proud, but there’s also a little bit of bittersweetness that my little boys are not really babies anymore.

Is anyone else feeling this crazy fast passage of time?

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