Photography, South Florida

Typical South Florida Sunshower

South Florida is known for its temperamental weather. It can be sunny one minute, and all of a sudden the sky will darken and rain will begin falling from the sky. Sometimes it doesn’t even get dark and we end up with a sun shower!

I was on my way to my first fall photo shoot of the season recently when we had one such sunshower. I couldn’t resist taking a photo through the window. This image just screams South Florida to me, with the raindrops on the glass, the sun streaming from the middle, and the palm trees silhouetted in the background.

Typical #southflorida - and of course I'm in my way to my first photo shoot of the fall. Looks like the rain is over now, hope it stays away. I have @rumiradavy and @cian1397 and their beautiful girls to photograph this morning!!!!

Where do you live and what kind of weather is your home state/town known for?

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