Memory Monday – Will’s First Birthday Party Invite

In about 6 weeks, my little Baby Will is going to turn 2! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I realized that last year was so busy for us, that I neglected to share William’s first birthday invitation and party pictures. I also haven’t shared his birth photos/story yet, but I have been wanting to do so, and I will over the next month!

The theme of the party was ONE YEAR IN A FLASH, so I incorporated photos into the invitation design, as well as the party.

I found the image of the Polaroid camera online, and unfortunately I don’t remember now where I found it. If I figure it out (or if it belongs to you, let me know), I will update this post with a credit.

The newborn photo was taken by my friend Jamie Lauren, the four and eight month photos were taken by me, and the eleven month photo was taken by my friend Heather Zawalick. I love all of the photos! He was such a sweet, cute little baby, and has grown into an adorable almost-two-year-old toddler!

Will's First Birthday Invitation | Bright Autumn Sun

1 thought on “Memory Monday – Will’s First Birthday Party Invite

  1. Birthday parties are a great way to share the love & accomplishment that every year brings for both the parents and child! Happy Birthday William. You continue to bring joy to everyone and we wish you happiness always!
    Grandma & Grandpa Berlin XOXO

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