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Little Drummer Boy

William loves music of all kinds! When there is music playing, you will usually see him swaying to the beat or up and dancing. He also loves playing instruments.

These photos are from February; I’m a bit behind in posting them, but they’re too cute not to share. I remember that Will had a cold that day, and Adrian and I were trying to find things to do at home to cheer him up since he couldn’t go outside and play. Adrian got the instruments out, and William absolutely loved playing with the drum! Music is definitely one of his happy places!

Baby playing a drum © Karen Lisa 2014 |

Baby playing a drum © Karen Lisa 2014 |

3 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy

  1. Awww…these pictures are so cute! My girls love music too. I catch them dancing all the time. I guess time will tell if their brother likes it as much. 🙂

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