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Book Review: Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

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I read this book all in one afternoon, while sitting outside in the warm sun, and I loved it. Like many retellings (movie versions, etc), you need to “divorce” yourself from the original story in order to enjoy the retelling. Yes, this is very loosely based on the story of Peter Pan and Wendy.

Wendy’s family is in pieces due to the disappearance of her brothers John and Michael, believed to be lost during a surfing accident, but their bodies were never found. She’s just graduated high school, is headed for Stanford, but yet she feels the pull of the ocean and the need to search for her brothers.

After meeting perfect surfer boy Pete, she is drawn to Kensington, where Pete and his band of “lost” surfer boys and his angry sort-of-ex-girlfriend Belle live. Wendy is sure that she will find out the secret of her brothers’ disappearance there. She falls for Pete. But then, she meets Jas. She’d heard about Jas before; he’s a drug dealer who lives on the other side of the beach. But she’s “hooked” in by him quickly, and thus begins the love triangle.

Wendy finds herself at one of Jas’ parties, seeking the answers she so desperately desires. She tries his drugs and does things she never would have expected herself to do. Parts of the book seem like a dream. You often don’t know what is fact and what is imagined.

At times, it felt that the whole world is against Wendy, and I was so angry for her! In the end, though, Wendy learns the truth. I was satisfied and absolutely loved all of the twists, turns, and drama in this book — but I do hope that the author chooses to write a follow up. I would love to find out if there is another chapter in the her story of Wendy, Jas, and Pete.

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