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The New Playground at the Tamarac Sports Complex

The Tamarac Sports Complex, our home town park, has a new playground! They tore down the old playground, which was geared more towards older children, and replaced it with a new one, which is appropriate for ages 5-12, but with parental supervision, younger children can enjoy it as well.

Adrian took both kids to check it out the other night while I was out for a girl’s night with my best friend, but it’s too hard to take tons of pictures when you’re chasing two boys. Today while Zachary was in school, Adrian thought it would be fun to take William over there again for a little bit before nap time (ah, the benefits of working from home!).

The new structures are bright and beautifully colored. There is a lot of open area for kids to play in addition to the structures. Some of the older structures were not safe for the very young ages (like William’s age), so they replaced it with fun equipment that everyone can enjoy. Of course, everything is covered to shield it from the hot South Florida sunshine.

Here are some photos I took of William playing this morning.

#pictapgo_app Visiting the redesigned #playground with Will! #cityoftamarac #tamarac

#pictapgo_app #tamarac #cityoftamarac new #playground - lol

#pictapgo_app #tamarac #cityoftamarac new #playground

#pictapgo_app swinging with dada! #tamarac #cityoftamarac new #playground

#pictapgo_app baby daredevil likes to climb! He could've done this all morning! #playground #cityoftamarac #tamarac

#pictapgo_app big slide! #playground #tamarac #cityoftamarac

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