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Mani Monday

This week was super busy! I didn’t have much time to play with my nails, unfortunately. I had a lot going on and tried to go to bed early, and since night time after the kids are in bed is usually my nail-painting time, it just didn’t happen. I do have a couple manis to share though, so here they are!

These are some new springy colors I got from Darling Diva Polish’s White Which collection. I’m very slowly collecting them all! The colors are Landslide (green) and Rhiannon (blue). I also did an accent nail with Rainbow Honey’s Stellar Treat, which I received in my April mystery bag. Rainbow Honey’s glitter polishes are to die for. The same can be said with Darling Diva’s holographic polishes. I’ve found all of them to be simply amazing.

I don't celebrate Easter, but I do love pretty #nailpolish :) @darlingdivapolish #darlingdivapolish #indiepolish #indienails #supportindies

Heres a picture of my naked nails 🙂

Naked #nails ;)

I had taken my polish off after a few days, but then I wore nothing as I simply didn’t have time to paint my nails. I finally redid my nails a few nights ago, with this:

Trying a new #nail product, #durirejuvacoat. Hope it helps my weak #nails!

I used my new bottle of Duri Rejuvacote as a basecoat and topcoat. This product claims that it will turn “dying nails into nails to die for” – LOL. My nails have always been very, very weak and thin ever since I quit biting them 2 years ago. I’ve been waiting for them to strengthen up, but it isn’t happening, and have tried every trick in the book, it seems. Nothing is working. I’ve been told that sometimes it can take several years for nails to recover from biting, since it is such a traumatic thing to happen to them, and I bit my nails for over 20 years. My friends have recommended the Duri product and said that it really works very well. It was not expensive, at only $8.50 with free shipping. You just apply it every day over your nail polish, then remove after 7 days with remover and start again. You can also do it without wearing polish, but I can’t go that long with naked nails. It’s hard to tell with my polish on, but I feel like maybe my nails feel slightly stronger after just a few days. I will update next week and let you all know how it’s working!

The color I’m wearing is Lady Muck by Butter London. This color is a shimmery grey/blue color. It is a very nice pastel color that goes with almost everything. It was my first Butter London polish that I ever got, and the formula is great!

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