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Glittery Wintry Manicure

I broke a nail a few days ago, which made me so aggravated. I’ve been in the process of growing my nails super long, and was so proud of myself for keeping them looking good. I think a lot of nail polish, especially glitter polish, holographic, and others, really only lends itself well to longer nails, so having shorter nails is not something I’m a big fan of right now, because I love wearing all of my “fun” polish.

I came up with this combination as a winter type manicure, and love how it looks — even on my short nails! I might even re-do my nails with the same mani after this one gets too chipped.

The base color is Essie Chinchilly, one of my favorites, and the purpley aqua colored glitter on top is Hare Polish‘s Bury the Hatchetfish.

Had a broken nail and had to file them down even more. So aggravating! Wearing the Hare polish over Essie's Chinchilly.

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