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Geeky Friday: Teaching with Tribbles… I mean, pom-poms…

I’m trying to have more “teachable moments” with William while I have him home with me, since I’m not planning on starting him in official preschool any time soon. I picked up these pom-poms a few months ago in hopes that I would actually do some sort of craft project with the kids, but since that hasn’t panned out yet, I haven’t used them.

Babies love anything bright and colorful, especially if it has an interesting texture, so I decided to bring them out the other day before nap time and let William play with them while we named the colors. It’s safe to say that he LOVED the pom-poms! We played with them for quite a while!

I posted this shot on Instagram, and my friend Heather commented that they looked like Tribbles. Yes!! Yes, they do!!

I taught Will about colors with pompoms this morning. We didn't do much color sorting, but he loved the texture and the bright colors! #pictapgo_app #babies #teaching

You don’t know what a Tribble is? Go watch this Star Trek clip immediately. <3

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