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A morning at the Coral Springs Green Market

Yesterday morning, I took my dad and Baby Will to check out the new Coral Springs Green Market. It was a nice market — a bit small, but with room to expand! There were some vendors with beautiful fruits and veggies, lots of vendors catering to dogs and dog food, your usual pastries and cupcakes and other sweets, hot dog and other hot food vendors (the empanada vendor looked amazing), spices and teas, homemade jams and jellies, a popsicle stand (totally wanted to try their avocado pop!) and lots more. They even had someone doing some sort of exercise training (it looked like CrossFit).

I couldn’t resist taking a couple instagram shots of some things that interested me as we walked around.

I loved these blue orchids! I’ve never seen anything like them.

Pretty #blue #orchids at the Coral Springs Green Market #pictapgo_app

This vendor had lots of interesting fruits and veggies. Bright yellow bananas, dragonfruits, and some sort of funny green fruit that no one seems to know the name of! Do you know?

Pretty #color #fruit at the Coral Springs Green Market.

I was entranced by these multi-colored bell peppers. I’ve never seen a purple bell pepper before. So unique!

Gorgeous #color #veggies at the Coral Springs Green Market.

Read the sign carefully. I’m not sure what annoys me more – the spelling or the apostrophe! LOL!
I can't even with that spelling. At the Coral Springs Green Market. #grammar #geek #nerd #stupidpeople


We had a nice time, even though we didn’t stay long. Parking was very easy and the place was extremely organized. It looks like these types of markets are becoming more popular in South Florida. I think that’s great! My favorite is still the one in Parkland – I look forward to visiting often when it opens up this November!!

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