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Life with a dachshund.

Every Friday on my mommy Facebook board, we post a photo, typically with a different theme each week. It’s always fun to see everyone’s photos, and I always look forward to Foto Fridays. This week, there’s no defined theme; we’re simply posting a picture that makes us happy.

This morning, I put William in his high chair for a waffle and decided to let him watch his favorite show, Kipper, while he ate breakfast…. Maya took her place under the chair and waited for him to drop food. She’s our little four-legged vacuum cleaner. 🙂 This happens daily, and I realized I’ve never captured a photo of it.

I haven’t been the best photographer-mom the past few months. Since I take off work during the summers, I’ve barely brought out my “big camera” to take pictures of my kids at all, and have been relying solely on my iPhone. I need to be better at it, starting now, and I’m so happy that I took this photo today. Not only because it’s just one of those everyday-life moments that I simply love to capture, but because it felt good to shoot again.

Dachshund Waits for Food | © Karen Lisa | Bright Autumn Sun

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