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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter & JK Rowling!

Today is a “holiday” celebrated by book enthusiasts all over the world – the birthday of Harry Potter and his creator, JK Rowling! The Harry Potter series is a huge part of my life – I even made some life-long friends due to this fantastic series!

I first started reading HP about 10 years ago when Adrian and I got engaged, and I started going to the gym to get in shape for my wedding – I needed reading material to get me through hour-long elliptical and treadmill sessions! I was quickly hooked, and a little obsessed! 😉 I love this quote from JK Rowling, “The stories we love best live in us forever.” It’s always been 100% true for me, and Harry Potter will always be one of the stories that I love best!

For more Harry Potter Love, check out my Pinterest board!

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