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Need. To. Relax!

Pine Island Florida Sunset | Bright Autumn Sun Blog

Just looking at that beautiful image makes me feel a tiny bit less stressed. If I concentrate on the waves and the colors in the sunset, I can almost feel the cool breeze and smell the salt in the air.

Being able to visualize myself into a calmer place is a good thing, because holy cow, this past week has been CRAZY stressful. Starting about a week ago, William had not been feeling so well (upset tummy and just generally not acting himself), and two days ago, he woke up with a fever of 101 that quickly spiked to over 103! These summer colds are no joke. Guessing he must have picked it up at the park or supermarket or some other random place. On top of being sick, he is also teething and very obviously was making it known that his little gums were in pain. Poor Will.

I ran him over to the pediatrician, who assured me that it was nothing more than a pesky virus that we would have to wait out. Don’t you hate that? Even though I understand how it all works, I still wish I could bring home some kind of medicine to make it all better. Unfortunately, being sick has really affected his sleeping cycles, so it’s been quite a lot of waiting. Thank goodness for Netflix and Kipper the Dog, Will’s current love, especially when I can put it on over and over and over again until 11pm. LOL.

I am exhausted and overwhelmed, and feel like I haven’t been able to catch a break. It is definitely hard having two kids, especially when one of them is sick! There is so little time to actually relax and take time out for yourself.

Fortunately, my mom and dad were able to watch Zachary today after camp so that I could catch up and get some much-needed work done (I blogged the wedding that the above image was photographed at) and have a little bit of quiet time while Will took his nap.

Hopefully my weekend will go better than the past few days — especially since my birthday is on Sunday. Tomorrow night I am getting together with friends, and then hopefully I will have a nice, chill day on my actual birthday, preferably involving SLEEP.

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