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Afternoon at the park

We had such a nice time walking to the Tamarac Sportsplex on the 4th of July, that I decided to try taking the kids by myself yesterday evening using the double jogging stroller, so that we could go to the playground. I needed some exercise (especially after eating the yummy meal that we had on the 4th) and thought that an evening of jogging to the park, playing with the boys, and jogging home would be some great exercise! Boy was it ever!

First off, here are my two cuties! It’s been a while since I’d taken them to the park. I tried about six months ago, but Zachary was not quite as independent as he is now, and Will wasn’t as into the whole experience. This time was much better – both boys had such a great time!

Happy Will at the park this afternoon! #pictapgo_app #baby #babygram

Will LOVED going on the swings, and Zachary had fun playing with the other little boys, running around in a game of tag.

Z playing tag at the park. #pictapgo_app #kids

Best of all, the activity of the afternoon gave me an amazing burn!

This is what it looks like when you walk/jog to the park (15 min each way) and play there with your kids for an hour and 20 minutes. Huge freaking burn! And super tired kids! :) #awesomeburn #fitness #running #jogging #exercise

The boys and I were pretty wiped out after our fun afternoon. Zachary slept this morning until almost 10am, and Will woke up at 7am for breakfast, and fell back asleep at 9:30am until 11am — something he hasn’t done in months! We had such a fun time that I’m thinking about what we can do today to burn off some more energy…. 🙂

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