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Wordless Wednesday: Sponge Play

A week or two ago, I let the boys play with some sponges cut into shapes in the backyard. I purchased several packs of 4 colored kitchen sponges at Target (just a few $$ investment) and tossed them in a storage bin filled with water.

It was a hot afternoon, and they enjoyed the opportunity to get a little wet and play with a new texture as they stacked and squeezed the sponges. I added a couple ice cubes to the water to make it nice and cool. Zachary especially loved squeezing the sponges over his head! So funny!

We look forward to doing this again soon!

Sponge shapes in water. Fun summer activity for my boys! #pictapgo_appZ clearly enjoyed this activity. Squeezing cold water on your head = awesome! #pictapgo_app

"This is the best idea ever!!" Love this boy! #pictapgo_app

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