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Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Will!

Another year has passed and my youngest baby is one year old today. Life with Will changed our lives in such a wonderful way. Adrian and I always knew that we wanted to have a second baby, but we had no idea how it would change our little family dynamic. The addition of Will has strengthened it. We cannot imagine a day without our sweet baby William. It has been such a joy to grow him up this past year and watch him grow from a teeny tiny newborn into a clever, sweet, almost-toddler.

He is such a happy, sweet baby. He has the cutest little smile, absolutely adores his brother Zachary more than anything, loves his dog, loves his mommy and daddy, and loves his family. He is so smart – he says a few words already (mama, dada, zha-zha – for Zachary, Maya, nehneh – his word for milk, and I think there are a couple more that I’m not sure of). He has a definite mischievous side – once he learns to walk, he is really going to keep me on my toes!

He is a very adaptable baby and calm baby. He’s traveled a bunch so far in his first year of life (visiting GA, TN, Cape Coral FL, and VA/Washington DC), never upset about missing a nap time. He LOVES to eat! He will try nearly anything. He has a very healthy appetite and loves fruit, chicken, pasta, and cheese. He hates diaper changes with the passion of a thousand fiery suns! 🙂 He is starting to help with putting his clothes on – putting his little arms into the holes. He is cruising and crawling, and I’m guessing he’ll be walking in the next month or two, also. He loves loves loves playing with water! He likes playing with all of his toys, but his favorite thing to do is engage his curiosity and explore.

William completes our family. I’m thrilled for him to grow and celebrate his birthday, but a little sad, too. I’ll never have a baby this little again. I’ve been trying to remember all the cute little things he does, like when he goes to sleep, he often turns on to his belly and stretches his arm up and holds on to the edge of the mattress. He likes to snuggle into his blankie when I tuck him in. And he loves to hold on to the crib rail and bounce up and down as fast as he can (thank you Zachary for teaching him how to jump on his bed!). Despite his first haircut last month, he still has soft, sweet little baby curls at the back of his head. He has the most adorable little feet I have ever seen. He is very interested in books and loves looking at the pictures. He loves going out and seeing new places and gets so excited when it’s time to get in the car. As Zachary would say, he is so smushy and squishy and cute. The squishiness will probably go away for the most part after this year, so we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can. 😉

My friend Jessica took these adorable images of Will at his birthday party this past weekend and posted this one to Facebook as a teaser until the rest are ready. How cute is this!

Happy, happy birthday, Baby Will! Mommy, Daddy, Zachary, and Maya love you so so so much! We hope that every one of your years will be as happy, fun, and full of love as this first year has been for you.

Baby's First Birthday  © Savidge Photography

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Will!

  1. Enjoy your precious boys. William is so adorable and Zachary is the cutest older brother! They are darling together and your blog post is wonderful as always!

  2. Happy Birthday, Baby Will! As your first official photographer 😉 I have to say, you’ve been the most adorable, sweet, happy baby from day one…or, rather, from day 9. Xoxo

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