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Will’s Eyes

Happy February!

I took some images of my little one last month and thought I’d share. When I photograph either of my kids, I love capturing the beauty of their eyes. When I had Zachary, I never imagined I would have a beautiful blue-eyed boy. I have brown hair and greenish-brown eyes. I assumed that would dominate. But yet, I ended up with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby!

When William was born, I was so curious as to what his features would be. It took a long time to figure out his eye color, though his hair has always looked a bit red to me. His eyes were the standard baby-grey for a long time. Then suddenly, there was a color explosion.

Most people, upon first glance, would say that William has greenish brown or light brown eyes.

south florida baby photographer

But if you look closely when he is facing the light, you’ll see that they really are an intensely gorgeous hazel – brown in the middle with blue touching the outside. So unique and different. I love looking into his expressive little eyes.

south florida baby photographer

He’s still young – just seven and a half months – so there’s lots of room for change – but they often say that once a baby is six months old, their eye color is here to stay. If his eyes do change, though, I wonder if the color will be more like mine – brown in the middle, surrounded by dark green? Or maybe they will turn completely brown, or completely green? We’ll just have to wait and see.

How old was your baby when his or her eye color settled?

7 thoughts on “Will’s Eyes

  1. Holy cow his eyes are GORGEOUS <3

    You make really beautiful babies, Karen. And I rarely find other people's children to be cute, let alone beautiful, so this is a big compliment. You are 2 for 2 now 😉

  2. Hi, beautiful eyes, indeed! They look a look like my Iggy’s, who has now turned 9 months. So did they change? Lots of luck, Jess

  3. My little boy is nearly 3 and he has blue hazel. More blue then brown. He has splashes or brown running through them but sometimes they look bright green. I also have a green hazel eye daughter who doesn’t have the normal dark green, she has bright green but you can see this more when the light hits. I also have a daughter with brown eyes.. I’m so curious as to what my 1 month old daughter will have. At the moment they are bright blue but you can see the smallest brown line creating through them 😍

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