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Instagrams from the Road: Holiday 2012 (Day 7 – The drive home)

We  left Christmas night so that the kids would sleep in the car during the worst part of the trip — driving over the mountains. The scenery of this leg of the trip is beautiful, however it is the worst for the kids, especially the baby, since your ears pop going over the mountains and the baby doesn’t understand how to clear his ears yet.

Since most of this trip was at night, I don’t have any photos until the next day. And not actually until the FL/GA border did I start taking them, since I helped a tired Adrian out by driving for part of the trip home.

Prettiness out the window at the FL/GA border.

I think the marshy areas near the FL/GA border are really beautiful! It’s one of my favorite parts of the drive.

Welcome home.

We were excited to arrive at the welcome center!

Welcome to Florida!

The Sunshine State!

Cool bridge in Jacksonville. Love the sky trails :)

The bridges going through Jacksonville are always kind of cool looking.

So many sky trails!

There were so many contrails in the sky that day!

Missile Command over Florida

My husband joked it looked like Missile Command over Florida!

Headed home.

I’m a sucker for a sunset through the moving trees shot. This image is very Florida. 🙂 The last photo I took before it got dark.

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