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Instagrams from the Road: Holidays 2012 (Days 3-6: Holidays in Kingsport)

It’s always great to spend the holiday up in Kingsport at my in-laws’ home! Living in Florida, our weather never gets as cold as it does up in Tennessee. We love how it actually feels like winter when we visit!

My husband, children, and I are Jewish and do not celebrate Christmas, but my in-laws do celebrate it, so we were there for their holiday during our visit. It is interesting to learn about one another’s holidays and share in some of the traditions.

We got a dusting of snow at my mother in law's house!

On Day 3 of our trip and the first day of our visit to Kingsport, we got a dusting of snow at my mother-in-law & father-in-law’s house! It was amazing! While it was nowhere near the snow that we got two years ago (the year of the Snowpocalypse), it was a lot of fun and Zachary was so excited about it. I was too! I love snow. 🙂

Zachary catching snowflakes on his tongue!

Z catching snowflakes on his tongue! Adorable!

@karenlisa tries to snap a picture of Zachary in the snow dust.

Adrian captured this shot of me photographing Zachary in the snow. Yes, we do have matching jackets. I got them a few years ago when Adrian & I went to Alaska. I think this was the last year that Zachary fit into his though — William will get to wear it next time. 🙂

Snowy cold day with my handsome boy!

Me & my snow bunny!

Sunrise in Tennessee

A few of the sunrise on Day 4 of our trip. My IL’s house gets the most spectacular views of the sunrise! While getting up early with the baby on vacation was not exactly fun, being able to watch some beautiful sunrises made it enjoyable. Not to mention the yummy coffee that my father-in-law always had ready for me when I woke up! 🙂

Happy little guy!

William had a great time seeing his Gramzy and Papa Dan and Aunt Lissa, as well as meeting his Great Grandparents, great-aunt and great-uncle, and cousins!

So handsome in his new Angry Birds shirt from Aunt Amy!

Zachary was having fun too! He was thrilled to show off his Angry Birds shirt to the whole family. 🙂

Tennessee #sunrise. Gorgeous.

Day 4: Another gorgeous Tennessee sunrise!

How can you not love this smile? Best little boy ever.

Zachary was up early that morning, excited to play with family!

O Christmas Tree...

The night before Christmas Eve… the tree looked beautiful all lit up with all of the gifts wrapped underneath it!

Foggy Christmas Eve

Day 5: We woke up to a very foggy Christmas Eve morning. Could not see the sunrise that day. 🙁

Cookie decorating!

We spent the afternoon relaxing and making cookies. YUM!

Yummy icing!!

I let Baby William try his first ever sugar cookie with icing… yes, he loved it!

Z & cousin Jessi on their devices.

Zachary had a good time meeting his older cousins, and especially playing with Jessi, who is 12 years old and was the flower girl in our wedding when she was Zachary’s age!

Zachary helped William open a present.

A little blurry, but here’s Z helping William open a present!

Zachary shows Angry Birds Star Wars to Gram Z during a break from preparing Christmas dinner

Zachary and Gramzy playing Angry Birds Star Wars during a break from the big family dinner.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post — snapshots from the drive home!

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