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Instagrams from the Road: Holiday 2012 (Day 2 – the Georgia Aquarium & the drive to TN)

On the second day of our trip, we got up early and drove over to the Georgia Aquarium to see the dolphin show and all of the awesome aquatic creatures! We had such a great time. After the aquarium, it was time to head out to Tennessee, where my parents-in-law live, in Kingsport.

Breakfast time!

Here’s me and William at breakfast at our Comfort Suites hotel. This was right before he dumped half a glass of orange juice in my lap. Oops!

Fun at the Georgia Aquarium!

Now _that_ is a fish tank!

Zachary, having a blast!

Dolphins!! Visiting the GA aquarium.

One of the dolphins who performed in the dolphin show.

Magical looking jellyfish.

I thought these jellyfish looked magical!

Orange jelly

Cool looking orange jelly.

Little blue squishies.

Little blue squishies!

Hi there little fishie!

Hello, little yellow fishie!

School of fish.

School of fish.

Penguin, showing off!

This funny penguin was really showing off. I enjoyed watching these cute little guys!

Albino alligator.

The albino alligators really fascinate me. The first time I saw an albino gator was at the gator sanctuary in St. Augustine. I was excited to see that they had a few of them at the Aquarium and spent a few minutes watching them with Zachary and photographing them.

He liked the whale shark the best.

Z said his favorite was the Whale Shark. We caught a glimpse of another one before we left.

Rainy Atlanta.

Atlanta was super rainy and wet that day. The wet, foggy theme permeated our whole drive up to TN. It was beautiful though!

Time to stop for a diaper change in the Great Smoky Mountains!

We stopped to change a diaper while driving through the Smoky Mountains! Such gorgeous scenery!

Pit stop for a diaper change in The Great Smoky Mountains.

Adrian photographed the same scene. This one is his image. Whose do you like better? 🙂

Now those are some smoky mountains. Tallulah Gorge, GA.

A foggy view at Tallulah Gorge, GA.

Sunset thru the trees

The sunset was beautiful through the trees.

Misty mountain sunset

Not to mention, the way the light reflected on the road. It was very magical to drive through. I love that kind of weather, and I really love it when driving through the mountains.

Tomorrow I’ll post the images from our visit to my mother-in-law & father-in-law’s home in TN!

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