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Snapshots from a happy life

This week was so busy but we had a great time!

Zachary tends to be a late sleeper and William often wakes up an hour or two earlier than Z, so we end up having some quiet time in the morning. I took him outside with me last Saturday to enjoy the cool air while I let the dog out, and snapped this image of him laying in my lap. You can see some beautiful colors in his eyes.

My baby boy has the most beautiful eyes!

On Sunday, I photographed a wedding. My good friend, Jessica, was my second shooter. We took a self portrait, though the quality wasn’t too good since it was SO dark in the reception room! We always have so much fun photographing weddings together!


The wedding was for my friend Jeni, who I’ve known since middle school! Her new husband, Rob, is a great guy, and I’m so happy for them! For this picture, I decided to try something new while I was photographing them dancing. I pulled my phone out and pressed the trigger on my Canon Speedlite 580 EX Flash at the same moment that I pressed the shutter button on my iPhone. it took a few tries, but I got them to match up, and I was able to light this iPhone image with my Speedlite! Cool!

Don't stop believing. Lit with my 580 :)

I liked the way the DJ’s lights flashed on the dance floor at the end of the night.

DJ's colored lights. #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer

Zachary stayed home sick a few days this week. It is definitely cold season! So annoying for the poor kids who get sick and worrisome for their parents. Zachary is thankfully feeling much better. Since we couldn’t go out while he was sick, we did a bunch of coloring. I taught him how to lay on the floor and use the top of his art box as a little “desk” for him to draw on. He spent quite a while coloring this way while I fed William.

Z is drawing in his room while stuck home sick from school. @explorerziem

William still loves his Jumperoo. I am so glad I thought to register for one – and so thankful to Aunt Amy for getting it for him! It is by far his favorite toy. He would probably spend 2 hours in there if I let him. He loves playing with all of the little toys and bouncing around.

Baby boy bouncing in the #jumperoo. Favorite toy!

I saved the best image for last. I am so happy to have two little boys and this image is one of the reasons why. I had to change William’s sheets last night, so I put him on Zachary’s bed and asked Zachary to sit with his brother. He laid down next to William and started cuddling with him. Then he began whispering in his ear. I took out my phone and got the perfect image. I asked Zachary what he said, and he told me that he was telling Will, “I love you.” He is so sweet to his brother, and they are going to have a wonderful bond – forever.

Why I am so glad to have two boys. Z is whispering "I love you" in Will's ear. So so sweet. #brothers

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