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Snapshots from a happy life

This is a pretty big post! We had a very activity-filled week this past week, and lots of photos to show for it!

Last weekend, we took both kids to the park together for the first time! The weather was not too hot and we enjoyed getting out of the house and getting some fresh air. It was William’s first time EVER going to the park (it’s been way too hot lately), and I put him in the baby swing a little bit for fun! Not surprisingly, he loved it!

Williams's first time on the baby swing!!

Zachary also had a great time on the slide and swings. Adrian takes him to this park pretty frequently and he always has such a great time. I really loved watching him since I had never been to this park before.

Yay park!

love swinging!

Favorite bouncy bridge!
Favorite Bouncy Bridge!

Me & Will. Zachary is climbing up the slide in the background :)Me & Will. Zachary is climbing up the slide in the background.

Zachary’s been playing with his legos a LOT. He is really good at forming different shapes and I think it’s going to be fun when he gets into playing with real legos and not just the larger Duplos. He loves making dinosaurs and dragons and he also made this “parking garage” for his cars. 🙂

#lego parking garage for Zachary's #hotwheels

I love catching shots of tiny planes in a big sky. 🙂


On Thursday and Friday we dealt with lots of rain from Hurricane Sandy. The news made it out to be a crazy terrible storm, but in reality the rain was nothing different from what we usually get. I’m totally over hurricane season this year! Looking forward to getting on with the cool winter weather!

#Hurricane Sandy approaches #Tamarac! Let's all panic! I'm so over hurricane season this year!

Raindrops do make for pretty pictures, though.

Dew drops.

Adrian downloaded instagram – finally! This is one of his photos. How cute is this little face?!

Happy Will

With the rain outside, we spent the afternoon inside. Zachary wanted to hold his little brother for a picture – so cute!

Zachary wanted to hold the baby! #brothers

On Friday, I had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Adrian came with me to take care of the baby while I was at my appointment, and we went out to lunch afterwards. William was a very good boy at the restaurant and earned a big kiss from Mommy when we were ready to leave! This is another one of Adrian’s instagrams. 🙂

Mommy & Will

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