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A Tweet from Gloria!

Have you ever gotten a tweet from your favorite celebrity?

My 10th year of age brought a love of all things related to Gloria Estefan and her music. I’d heard her music on the radio or at a party and simply fell in love with it! I’d never been interested in pop music before, but everything was about to change.

Gloria and her music inspired me to write my own songs, start taking Spanish classes in school, and even learn how to play the guitar. She was really a very formative part of my  pre-teen and early teenage years. I also thought it was pretty cool that she had a son who was about my age and that she lived here in Miami, not far from where I lived, so I found her to be a very relatable person and loved reading stories about her in the newspaper and in magazines (since that’s how we got our news back in the 90’s… lol).

Of course, 20 years later we are all in the digital age. I follow Gloria on Twitter and Facebook. So last week, when I replied back to one of Gloria’s tweets that I liked her new hairstyle, I never expected to get a response back. She gets tons of replies each day from her fans. But, she replied to me! I was so thrilled! It really made my day!

All of my twitter replies are set to send me a text message, so you can imagine how stoked I was to receive this text! I will always remember that moment and how fun it was to get a message from an artist who has inspired me for basically my entire life!

Holy crap!!!! Gloria tweeted me! She's been my favorite singer since I was 10 years old!

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