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Wordless Wednesday: 38 Weeks

On Friday I hit the 38 week mark, and I asked hubby to take some photos of me to commemorate the end of my pregnancy. I have some images of the end of my pregnancy with Zachary that I love, too, since they show how big I am! 🙂 Since I was feeling well that day, I jumped at the opportunity to do the portraits since most days I feel like doing nothing but lay in bed! LOL.

While I’m not scheduled for my c-section for another 5 days, I figured I could go into labor at any time, and didn’t want to miss out on taking the photos, just in case. I am so happy we took these images. I really love how they all came out, and I will always treasure them, since at this point in time, we’ve decided that this baby is going to be our last!

It’s pretty crazy… next week my WW photo will probably be an Instagram shot of our new baby! It’s really real now! 😉

south florida maternity photography

I love these profile shots! The last one is my favorite of this grouping.

south florida maternity photography

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 38 Weeks

  1. Karen,
    You look great! Here’s to a safe delivery for you both and much joy afterwards!

    I have photos done with baby #3 and love those as well.


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