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We have a swimmer!

Last week, Zachary completed a five-day swimming course with Swim with Mr. Blue here in Coral Springs. Before starting, he already knew a few basics, but couldn’t swim yet and definitely couldn’t go underwater to pick up dive toys.

By the end of the 5 day course he was able to swim to the wall from the middle of the pool and could hold his breath underwater to pick up toys! We are so proud of our little fish! If you are in the South FL area and looking for swim classes, we definitely recommend Julie & Mr. Blue, so let them know that Karen Ziemkowski sent you when you sign up!

Here are some photos of Zachary’s last day with Coach Daniel. Daddy got in the pool too to learn the songs and techniques so that we can follow up here at home.

In these photos you can see Zachary practicing his kicking, floating, and diving for dive toys.

swim with mr. blue

Here, Zachary is showing off the 3 dive rings he grabbed off the bottom of the pool, swimming alongside his instructor, Coach Daniel, and smiling after he reached the coping!

swim with mr. blue

At the end of the five days, each child receives a Super Swimmer certificate. Zachary was really proud of his certificate and we took a few photos with it. Of course we had to have a shot with Coach Daniel, too, and Zachary was very excited for his blue lollipop and Mr. Blue temporary tattoo!

swim with mr. blue

Yay for Zachary! We are so excited to see him swimming like a fish this summer!

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