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11 days old.

I meant to write a blog post on William’s one-week birthday, but I was too busy snuggling him to get on the computer. It’s understandable, with how adorable he is. 🙂

I actually wrote this post yesterday (June 29th), but got sidetracked and didn’t get to hit publish. So, here it is, today!

Today William is 11 days old. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing and how fast he’s changing. It’s a lot faster for sure with the second baby – everything seems much faster. My newest little guy is just growing by leaps and bounds. His umbilical cord stump fell off today, and he also decided this afternoon that he was ready for three to four ounces of formula at each feeding instead of just two to three. We had our first day together, just us, as my husband went into work this afternoon, and Zachary was at camp and then spent the rest of the evening at my parents’ house.

Earlier this week, my parents hosted Will’s bris at their home, and we announced his Hebrew name to our friends and family. It is “Natan Akiva.” He is named in honor of my Uncle Nat (brother of my grandfather Jack, who Zachary is named after), and my father’s mother, Ina, who passed away when he was a child. As for his English name, William’s middle name, Ryan, is after Adrian’s Uncle Randy, who passed away a few years ago. The mohel we used was Dr. Kaweblum, the same mohel that we used for Zachary. It was a lovely event!

It’s been interesting for Adrian and I to compare how different Zachary and William are as newborns. Zachary was a very laid back baby, and Will is a bit more intense. He often looks right at you with direct eye contact and when he takes his bottle he insists on holding my fingers tightly in his little hands. I put Will in the Moby Wrap tonight and he absolutely loved it. He was a little fussy before I put him in, but he stopped crying immediately. Zachary, on the other hand, could only take the Moby and other wraps, for short periods of time, but loved snuggling without a wrap. Granted this is still the first time, but I think that William is going to be very different in this regard and that we are going to be much more successful with babywearing this time around.

As for the boys’ relationship so far, Zachary absolutely adores the baby. He is extremely loving towards William and acts like he has known him forever! It is truly heartwarming how much he wants to hug and kiss the baby and how sweet and caring he is towards his little brother. He takes his new role as a big brother very seriously and I am so excited to see how their relationship develops as they both get older. I am absolutely certain that they will be best friends for life.

I did have some fabulous newborn portraits taken this time (namely, so I could be in them!!), but while I wait for those to come back, here’s one of my favorite shots that I took of Will the day after we brought him home from the hospital. What a sweet baby boy he is!

south florida newborn photographer

I can hardly believe I have an almost four-year-old and an almost two-week-old already!

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