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Wordless Wednesday: A boy & his dog

So this post is not really wordless. 🙂 My hormones are going nuts – hey, I’m 9 months pregnant! – and looking at this photo makes me feel very sentimental. I always knew that my dog, Maya, was special, but I didn’t realize how truly wonderful she was until after Zachary came around. She is pretty much the most loving and patient dog on the planet. Zachary can do almost anything to her, and she still snuggles and licks him.

She will be turning 9 this year and still loves to play with Zachary as if she were a puppy. She lets him dress her up… take her toys… just about anything you can think of that would absolutely annoy a dog, Zachary can do, and she doesn’t bat an eye.

I feel so lucky to have chosen her from the litter when she was a tiny puppy… so lucky that she lived through all of her various health issues during her puppyhood… and so lucky that even though she’s getting older, she still has it in her to play with a small child.

Using my iPhone, I took this photo of Maya and Zachary on Memorial Day morning, when both of them were cuddled up against me. I love the look on Zachary’s face – eyes closed and head turned to snuggle on Maya. And Maya was perfectly content to stay there as long as Zachary wanted to snuggle.

A boy and his #dog

1 thought on “Wordless Wednesday: A boy & his dog

  1. That is pretty much the sweetest picture ever! You started him young with the “dachshund love.” It will be neat when Zachary is older and he talks about the awesome dog he had growing up. That has a special place in every persons heart.

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