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31 Day Blog Challenge: In my makeup bag

If you asked me 4 years ago what was in my makeup bag, I would have been able to tell you. Because I actually used a makeup bag back then! However, then I had Zachary and suddenly my purse was replaced by a gigantic diaper bag filled with baby stuff, and very little of my own things. Nowadays, even though I use a regular purse again (though not for long…. I dug the diaper bag out again the other day), I still don’t carry makeup with me other than a bit of lipgloss!

While cleaning out my office a few weeks ago, I actually found my old makeup bag that I used to keep in my purse, and am going to reclaim it for diaper bag use since I do need something to hold MY things after the baby is here.

While I only tend to carry the basics in my makeup bag (a powder, a lipgloss or two, some eyeliner and lipliner), I do have a good collection of makeup and enjoy wearing it.

Here are some of my favorite products:

Face – For a moisturizer, I like Number 7 day cream which I bought at Target. It has a nice smell and makes my face feel good. As far as makeup goes, I use Covergirl’s Natureluxe foundation. I have tried lots of expensive foundations over the years, and many of them either felt heavy or didn’t look even on me. I decided to pick up some Covergirl after seeing a friend wear it and I was totally sold. I really love this foundation. It’s light and easy to apply. If I’m not wearing foundation, I tend to use MAC’s Studio Fix since it gives me a very good coverage.

Cheeks – I use Covergirl for my blush, too. I like the Peach Perfection instant cheekbones contouring blush. I actually use this blush all over. The middle color, I actually use on my cheeks. The two other colors, I tend to use as eyeshadows! I also own some of MAC’s Skinfinish powders which are very glimmery and pretty.

Lips – I get chapped lips a lot and like either using Burt’s Bees or I wear a lipgloss. Lately I’ve been enjoying a few of the colors from Rimmel London. They have a nice formulation that feels good on and isn’t too light or too heavy. For lip liner, I tend to stick with MAC  – their color, “spice” is an old favorite, and I have a couple other random ones that I use on occasion. I don’t actually wear that much lip liner.

Eyes – I pretty much only use MAC eyeshadows. Love the pigmentation and long-lasting quality. For eyeliner, I have a few MAC liners as well as a couple of Rimmel’s liners which have a glittery look to them. For mascara, I love Covergirl’s Lash Blast Fusion! Again, I have tried a number of different types of mascara and CG wins, hands down.

Nails – I’ve been a nail biter for years and I’m trying hard to grow my nails out right now…. which means I have to keep them polished ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, all the time. If I even feel the urge to gnaw on my fingers, I have to go change my polish to get rid of that nagging feeling. changing polish so often is a little annoying but it’s worth it to have longer nails! As far as polish goes, I’m a big fan of anything that glitters or shimmers! I’ve been using OPI and Essie for years, and probably own the most of those shades. For a base coat, I use CND Stickey or Essie’s protein base, and for a topcoat, I’ve been using Seche Vite, it gives such a great glossy finish!

Here’s a picture of one of my crazy nail combinations that I’ve done recently. This is Revlon’s Blue Mosiac over Loreal’s Club Prive:

Today's #nailpolish. Can't wait til my #nails grow out again.

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