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31 Day Blog Challenge: What I’m afraid of….

Now that I’ve had a child and am expecting another one very soon, there is not too much in the world that scares me more than the thought of something happening to one of my kids. Sure, I’m also afraid of spiders, scary noises in a dark house, and losing my iPhone (that is a scary thought, wouldn’t you think?!)… but the scariest thing I can think of is of one of my kids getting hurt, sick, etc. Since Zachary was born, it has been hard to imagine life before him, and I just know I’ll feel the same way after our second child is born, too. He has been sick a few times and sometimes it’s been a little scary to deal with, especially when you have no idea what to do to make your baby feel better.

When Zachary was a newborn, we had to bring him back to the hospital due to jaundice — probably the most common newborn ailment — not resolving itself. I remember feeling incredibly sick to my stomach with worry, even though I’m sure the doctors and nurses deal with that kind of thing constantly in new babies! Then, when Zachary was about 20 months old, he spiked a temperature of over 104 degrees, and we had to go to the hospital for some shots of medication to quickly fight whatever was making him sick, along with a few different tests and an X-ray. That was another super scary moment for me… though I am pretty sure Zachary handled it a lot better than I did! 🙂

Thankfully, aside from those, we haven’t had many other serious medical dramas with our little guy… no other hospital visits, thank goodness! However, we will be starting with a whole new baby in just a few weeks, and I fully admit that I dread some of the things that I know will happen! Even though I’ve been through it once, it’s still super scary to think about your baby getting sick, hurt, etc. When you have active little boys, you know that something is bound to happen at some point in time. I think that after having kids, there is almost always something new to worry about or be afraid of since your child is an extension of your own heart and soul making decisions and choices on his or her own, completely without regard to what you have suggested they do, as the parent.

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