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31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Songs

Today’s challenge asks for my 10 favorite songs right now. As part of my 30 before 30 list, I’ve been wanting to get back into music and blog more about what I’m listening to, so I guess this kind of helps fulfill that 🙂 I honestly haven’t had too much time for music lately, since I’ve been so busy, and I usually listen to the radio when I drive, and I haven’t been driving too much, or just prefer quiet.

However, I do have some favorites. 🙂

I’ve been listening to a LOT of Rob Thomas’ album, Cradlesong, lately. It’s a staple for me in the car, and I have two favorites that I love — (1) Fire on the Mountain and (2) Wonderful. I just love the lyrics, the hook, and the percussion. The whole album is really great, but those two in particular – I love. I’ve been listening to Rob Thomas since I was a teenager and love pretty much everything he’s put out.

Another album I love in the car is the Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – yes, the one from the first movie! There are some really amazing songs on that soundtrack and some of them, I can just listen to over and over. I usually turn this soundtrack on when Zachary is NOT in the car with me, since I like to blast it really loud! My favorites from this album include Muse’s (3) Supermassive Black Hole and Mutemath’s (4) Spotlight. Both songs have a great pace to them, and I listen to them a lot when I’m a little tired, since they get me going.

Next is the Black Eyed Peas‘ (5) I Gotta Feeling. My wedding photographer friends will probably laugh at me because this is one of those songs that is played at EVERY wedding that we shoot, right alongside other constants like Don’t Stop Believing…. lol. Well, I actually like the Black Eyed Peas, and I like this song. I even bought it as an iPhone ringtone a few months ago! I enjoy listening to this song when I’m working on the computer because it’s fast paced and makes me zip through whatever I’m editing. Love it!

Another song I discovered recently is The Band Perry‘s (6) If I Die Young. The imagery in this song’s lyrics is stunning, though the lyrics are a little hard to listen to – like any wonderful country song, it tells a story, and its story is a very sad one. I guarantee if you listen to this song, you will get wrapped up in the lyrics from beginning to end. It’s an amazing song, and I really like The Band Perry’s other work as well.

Last year, my husband introduced me to a great duo called The Civil Wars. They are getting pretty popular now, and I love their album, Barton Hollow. I also happen to love the song (7) Barton Hollow that’s on that album! The Civil Wars’ arrangements are pretty simple – mostly acoustic guitar, some percussion, and their amazing voices. Their album is one that I could listen to for hours and hours. If you want to buy it, it’s actually a mere $5.99 on Amazon for the whole album on MP3, which has 14 tracks. I highly recommend!

Next on my list is (8) Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Seriously, who doesn’t like Adele?? I’ve been cheating and listening to her song on Spotify, but I really need to go ahead and buy all of her albums one day. I love this song not only because I adore her voice, the lyrics are so wonderfully relatable, but the way the song starts up with that syncopated beat and leads up into the hook and then the chorus is so clever. This song is perfect, and Adele rocks!

When Florence and the Machine released their first album, I enjoyed some of the tracks, but I really love their second release, Ceremonials, and the song (9) That’s What the Water Gave Me is haunting, mellow, and addictive. I just love the way her voice sounds in the chorus and the way the song rocks out towards the middle and end. It reminds me of some of the music I used to listen to in the 90’s that was similar….but this is better. Haha.

Well, I can’t think of a 10th song right now! So, nine will have to suffice for now. What is your current favorite song?

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