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31 Day Blog Challenge: My Earliest Memories

Today’s blog challenge prompt is about my earliest memory.

I was a very lucky kid growing up as my parents traveled with my quite often! Whether it was a trip to the Keys or a cruise, I got to see the world in ways that my other little friends did not. When I think of my earliest memories, they usually center around family vacations with my parents.

One of my very earliest vacation memories was a trip we took to Disney World when I was a few years old. I remember going on a few rides with my parents, and my mom took me to have breakfast with the characters. I don’t actually remember the breakfast itself, but I do love this picture of me, my mom, and Minnie Mouse!

disney character breakfast

When I was around 3 or 4, my parents took me on my first cruise on the Carnivale — the flagship of Carnival Cruise Lines. I know the scan is awful, but it’s the only one I have on hand! I know I had a good time on the cruise, and I remember bits and pieces of it. It was the first of many cruises I would take with my parents.

carnivale cruise

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