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31 Day Blog Challenge: In My Fridge

OK… so I am not a huge fan of this blogging prompt, but I committed to doing this challenge every day this month, so you’re going to get it anyway! This may very well be the MOST boring blog post I have ever made.

My fridge is usually pretty packed. I don’t know why, it just happens that way!

I like to stock up on lots of stuff (like I have 3 cartons of milk in the fridge right now – we use Lactaid so when it goes on sale, I get a lot since it has a long shelf life) and we use a lot of condiments that need to be refrigerated, so there’s always a lot in there.

I also put things in the fridge that other people might not… like my bread and bagels (they don’t get stale as quickly) and some kinds of cookies. Zachary loves Milano cookies, but I think they keep better in the fridge, so that’s where they are.

The small drawer under the third shelf is completely dedicated to cheese. Yep, we are a cheese-loving family! There’s even some cheese that didn’t fit in the cheese drawer. We really like cheese!

We also have a Brita filter that takes up a lot of room. We used to use bottled water, but decided it’d be more cost effective to get a Brita (though, I’m not so great at keeping it full, lol). We haven’t bought bottled water to keep at home in well over a year! That’s a lot of plastic saved!

We don’t really drink much other than water at home. I’m addicted to Ritz Seltzer (there’s a 16oz bottle on the top shelf… I go through them pretty fast though) and my hubby occasionally likes a Mt. Dew or a beer, so we have a couple of those too. I also have OJ and Gatorade in the fridge, as well as coffee creamer for my coffee. Yum!

The bottom two drawers, which I didn’t photograph, are for fruit and veggies and other stuff. We usually have a lot of apples around since Adrian brings them to work with him, and Zachary likes them in his lunch. I like them with cheese – hehe.

Anyway… without further ado, here is a picture of the inside of my fridge. I got lazy and used my iPhone for this shot, so it’s nothing fancy! No pic of my freezer because it’s such a mess! LOL!

what's in my fridge

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