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31 Day Blog Challenge: My Daily Schedule

My schedule is a little different these days. At 35 weeks pregnant this week, I don’t tend to get much done, since sitting at the computer is not that comfortable and staring at the screen makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.

Nevertheless, here is my daily schedule:

7:30am – the alarm clock goes off. I really like to get up earlier than Zachary so I can make coffee and get a head start, but I’ve just been WAY too tired lately.

8am – Zachary wakes up and wanders into my room. He either tells me to get up because he’s hungry, or he crawls into bed for an extra 5 minutes of snuggle time. I definitely prefer the snuggle time. 🙂

8:15am – At this point Zachary has been given food, so I get to work making lunch for my two boys. Adrian gets a peanut butter sandwich, but Zachary’s lunch is a bit more varied. This usually takes me about 15 minutes to finish.

8:30am – I check on Adrian to see if he’s almost ready to take Zachary to school and then I get Z’s things together and get him dressed.

8:45am – I send the boys off for the day. Adrian takes Zachary to school every morning. I usually make my coffee right when they are getting ready to leave, so I can enjoy my first cup of the day in peace and quiet. 🙂

9am – I sit down at my computer with some coffee and food and start reading email and replying back to messages. I check in on FB and see what my friends are up to. Sometimes I start a blog post, other times that waits until later in the day.

9:30am – if I’m going to do any work for the day, I get started early. Sitting at the computer is tough, so I don’t usually get more than a couple hours in before I’m done.

12pm – I stop working at this point to eat lunch. If I feel good after lunch, I’ll put in an extra hour of work. Otherwise I retreat to my bedroom and watch Netflix or take a nap.

3:30pm – I drag myself out of bed and get a snack and water bottle ready for Zachary and get in the car. Zachary is done with school at 4pm, and they always play on the playground from 3:30-4, so I bring a big water bottle and snack as he’s always hungry and thirsty after all that play time. My parents have been helping out by picking Zachary up sometimes and bringing him home, so I don’t have to drive. In that case, I rest a little longer. 🙂

4:30-5:30pm – We get home by 4:30 and spend about an hour playing – either coloring, toys, trains, or on his iPad – before I have to figure out what to make Z for dinner.

5:30-6pm – I try to give Z dinner around this time, and I like to eat at this time, too. It leaves enough room in the schedule for more playing, a bath if he needs one, and keeps him occupied.

6-8pm – General night time activities. We play some more, have a bath, do some laundry or another activity where he gets to “help” me, etc. Adrian is usually at home by this point, and he eats his dinner and does some more work. He owns a company of his own as well and has been pretty busy lately getting things done before the baby comes (so he can take some time off).

8-9pm – Zachary spends some time with me and his Daddy before bed time, and then we start getting ready for bed. He loves to cuddle in my bed before going in his room, so I get everything ready and give him some milk to drink while we lay in my bed — either watching something on Netflix or playing on the iPad. After he’s done with his milk, he has to brush his teeth and we go into his room.

9pm – Zachary gets a story before going to sleep, and then the lights turn off. He doesn’t like to fall asleep by himself, so I sit in the chair in his room and play on my phone until he’s sleeping.

9:30pm-12am – Adrian and I have the rest of the night to ourselves! Lately this usually means that Adrian does more work while I go back into my room to watch Netflix until I’m too tired to stay awake. I usually fall asleep by midnight or a little earlier. Sometimes Adrian stays up later to work more, but I try to get him to go to bed at the same time as I do, since he needs his sleep, too!

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  1. Hi Karen! Stopping by to say hello from South Florida Bloggin Mamas. I love your blog already 🙂 All of your photos are stunning. It makes me want to go out and invest in a new camera. Looking forward to reading your posts!


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