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31 Day Blog Challenge: If I Won the Lottery

The lottery is pretty crazy — I just checked the Powerball website and it says the current estimated jackpot is 90 million dollars. How ridiculous would it be to win that kind of money?! Of course, half of it would be taken by the government for payment of income tax, but still. Even 40-50 million is just insane! I never play the lottery, so writing this post is just a crazy dream…. but it’s fun to think about it, either way!

At any rate, the first thing I would do is pay off all of our debts. We have some credit cards in addition to our mortgage, and not having those pesky payments to deal with would make life a lot easier! After our mortgage was paid off, I would sell my house and buy a bigger one, paid in full, so I wouldn’t have any additional debts to deal with. Of course along with a new home would have to come new furniture and I would absolutely want to hire an interior designer to help plan out the way the house looks inside. I am not a great decorator, so I would need help for sure!

Speaking of hiring a designer, I would then hire a stylist for me and Adrian to help us revamp our wardrobes and fill our new, bigger closets with nice clothes. We have been wearing the same stuff for years and again, I’m not the most fashionable ¬†and usually just wear what’s comfy… so I would love to have some professional assistance in planning out a functional, practical, but stylish wardrobe!

Next on my list would be proper savings accounts for both of my boys. We do have a college savings set up for Zachary already and will definitely set up one for our 2nd child too, when he’s born, as it’s important to prepare for college early on. I would make sure that there’s enough for both kids so they could go to any university they liked without having to take a student loan, and set aside extra for expenses like buying a car, their first homes, wedding savings, business startup investment, or whatever they would need when they are ready for that stage in life. I would also think further in the future and set up college savings for my someday-grandchildren too!

Third, I would plan tons of family vacations! We love to travel, and especially over the summer when it’s so hot in Florida, we’d love to take the kids away for a six week trip every summer (somewhere not blazingly hot) and enjoy visiting a new place. As both of our parents have taken us on lots of trips since we’ve been together, I would love to treat both my mom and dad and Adrian’s parents to special vacations, too.

Fourth, I would do something wonderful for my best friend, Amy. She is like family and is always there for me no matter what, and if I won millions of dollars and could afford to buy her a house or whatever she wanted, I would do it in a heart beat.

Lastly, aside from a few fun toys that I’m sure Adrian and I would want to buy for ourselves, the rest of the money would be put into a good savings account so that we could continue to enjoy it as we get older, and live out the rest of our lives financially secure and debt-free.

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