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31 Day Blog Challenge: My Collections

I really don’t collect too much these days. I have a lot of “stuff” and certainly don’t need more. I have a pretty large collection of stationery and notecards, a TON of craft supplies (most of which I rarely ever use since I don’t have time to craft), and I do have a lot of iPhone Photography apps. 🙂 Those I use frequently, though!

My biggest collection, by far, is my perfume collection. A few years ago, I got really into this perfume company, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They sell beautiful perfume oils with scents based on myths and literature that smell amazing! I have tons of their perfumes and could even stand to get rid of some that I don’t really like as much.

I rarely buy perfume any more, since obviously I do have a lot of stuff to use up still, but if I buy anything (usually just once a year), it typically comes from my friend Meredith’s store – Sweet Anthem. My love for Sweet Anthem perfumes has definitely replaced my love for BPAL, these days. I wish I had a need to order more of her products, but as you can see…. I really do have ENOUGH perfume!

Back when I had time to do such crafty things, I even painted boxes to hold my perfume collection:

BPAL: Boxes

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