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31 Day Blog Challenge: My Blog’s Name

As many of you know, I’ve been writing here at my domain name, siren.org, since 1998. I was 15 years old then, and I’m going to turn 30 this year! It’s amazing that I’ve been blogging – or at least writing about myself online, since it wasn’t called blogging then – for nearly half my life!

The name of my domain was originally inspired by two things: the Tori Amos song of the same name AND my love of Greek mythology and anything ocean-inspired.

I was quite the Tori fan back then – I seriously loved all of her albums, had seen her a few times in concert… you could say I was a bit obsessed with her music. 🙂 While I’m not a Tori Amos fanatic anymore, I still do enjoy her work and I love that the name of my domain ties me to a very memorable time in my life.

I still love the ocean and anything sea-related so the name of my domain still has not worn off after all this time. Choosing a domain name was very important to me because I knew that I would have my domain name forever… kind of like a tattoo. 🙂 Since I still love the name nearly 15 years later, I’m pleased to say I made the right choice!

As far as the name of this particular blog – Bright Autumn Sun – I decided on the name when I was pregnant with Zachary, due in the autumn. The fall season is my favorite, so that has significance for me, and as a photographer, I love the way the light looks in the fall around sunset. Thus, Bright Autumn Sun was born. I own brightautumnsun.com, as well.

For those of you “oldschoolers” you may remember the following header graphics from the olden days of the internet. Some of these do go back to the 90’s, hence the cheesy photoshopping! 😉

4 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: My Blog’s Name

  1. Love the graphics! I would give anything to see a screen cap of that one layout you had pre siren, when you were on the domain with the other girls.

    It had a big Stevie Nicks head on it, profile I think. It looked kind of iridescent and there was a black border around the rest of the page.

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