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The Filling Station in Miami = burger lover’s dream!

The other day we had a little family adventure and found the most awesome burger spot in downtown Miami — The Filling Station. We had taken Zachary to see Thomas the Train down in South Miami and were looking for an interesting spot to hit up on the way back up north.

Adrian checked Yelp from his phone and found The Filling Station. As soon as he mentioned a review about a burger covered in Nutella, I was sold.

This place was fabulous. Service was very good, and at least during the day, it was a quiet, family-friendly spot, with varied state and foreign license plates all over the walls, toy cars (which Zachary thought were awesome) and funny quotes plastering the walls. It looked like a funky car garage that just happened to have a restaurant inside.

Burger with nutella?? I'm so there!

Yes, I did have the Gabby’s D’Lorean, and it was quite possibly one of the most amazing burgers I have ever tried. Adrian had a burger with egg on it and loved it, and Zachary had a hot dog and fries.

I really, really look forward to coming back here again! Yes, it’s nearly an hour drive, but with the Miami Metromover right across the street and easy access to Bayfront Park and its awesome playground, I could totally see us making another day of it and checking out The Filling Station again. Though, you’ll be hard-pressed to get me to try a new burger…. I have found my favorite right off the bat!

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